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I hope everyone has had a good ride today. I have a question for anyone who may own or have owned a 748S, 916, 996 or 998 superbike. After riding yesterday & then again today, then parking the bike I've got a slight oil leak out of the left hand side of the oil cooler. It seems to be coming from the top of the cooler but I'm not sure. I've never had any problem like this before. The line feeding into that side of the cooler doesn't seem to be leaking from the connections.

Has anyone out there ever had a oil cooler go bad and start leaking like this?

Thanks for any suggestions or help!


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See if the leak is coming from the head's valve inspection cover. Thats usually where the oil leaks stem from and they drip down into things below it, including the oil cooler.

I usually spray the entire thing down with engine bright (a degreaser) and wash it with water. Then ride the bike and see if anything leaks. I'd hope there isn't any leak in the oil cooler, but it could happen for sure.

Hope that at least is SOME help. Send us a pix if it keeps leaking after you've cleaned it up. :)
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