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996 vs 998 costs

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hi, new member.

Its time to buy another bike and this time it will be my first Ducati.

I have been searching for 996 and 998 variants and thought I should get some opinions on approximate running costs per year between the two bikes.

If I got a 996 it would likely be a lower km model and if I got the 998 a little higher in mileage because their value is higher and I would be spending about the same amount of money ($7500-$8500).
I have other bikes so realistic mileage would see me riding the new (to me) Ducati around 2500 km per year.

Also, if anyone knows of good examples of these bikes a heads up would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum!

Service costs actually depend more on production year and abuse the bike has taken, rather then simply which model. The later 996's are just as reliable as the early 998's for instance. The difference really comes in later in the 998 production year when they fixed the rocker arm issues. The 998FE for instance, is the most reliable of that generation.

Of course, I'd go for a 998 just because it's easier to work on.
thanks for the info Tuned. I thought that the rocker arm flaking thing was something that was completely sorted out with the new engine in the 998.

As for the different levels of abuse I am assuming both hypothetical bikes to have been cared for, the 998 just having seen more use to be at roughly the same price point.
In terms of the rocker arm's, it wasn't until mid 2001 where the vendor was returning good long-lasting plating on those arms. Unfortunately, Ducati made most of the 998's PRE that date, so a lot of them have the same flaking rocker issues as the older generations. Which is why ya kinda gotta be careful when buying one. The FE's came around 03/04' and they don't have any of those issues.

I'd always steer towards the 998 anyway.
A red 998 mono is my first choice but they seem to be scarce in terms of being offered for sale.
Yea, really hard to find because they were only around for two years. Ducati released the 999 right after it and the FE came in 2004 at the request of Ducati owners everywhere who hated the 999's look. It's kind of "the lost" Ducati superbike in that respect and commands a decent dollar as a consequence.
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