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999 back on the road

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So after months of working on rebuilding my neglected 03 999 its finally ready to be back on the road. The bike was torn down to the motor and frame, valves checked, belts replaced, clutch inspected, and throttle bodies replaced. New monoposto subframe put on, new brembo 19rcs brake master cylinder, and new fairings. Started the bike up and ran high, adjusted the idle cable and runs like a champ now...with a few coughs here and there. And so with 189 miles on the clock and haven't not been ridden since 2008. Today marks the day she is finally back on the road. I am beyond happy and in love with this bike, after all I've done and all the headache she caused I'm still excited to see her everyday.
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Nice, glad to know the headache is all over! :)
For now lol. She coughs a bit when at idle but me and the local dealer think its because the bike has sat for so long. Its been sitting since 2008
Yea, just rid'er and see how it goes.
Just rode her around the block and up to the gas station and the popping only happens when I roll off the throttle and keep it cracked a bit. Need to do a longer ride Saturday to run her out
Went for a longer ride last night and rode to work today and my god do I love this bike. I noticed she's less willing to turn in than my monster and shakes a bit when going a good pace around a corner, working on suspension set up this weekend, and just other few oddball things I'm going to have to get used to riding her. Overall I absolutely love this bike already
You should probably have the suspension refreshed by someone. The oil is for sure hosed by now. That would be the first step… both shock and forks. Then try to dial it in and make it work when you get the stuff back.
The forks are being changed to a set of ohlins in a month or so so not too worried about that right now
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