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Yes you read it right, 2006 with only 35 miles on it. Bought in Italy, this bike sat on military base for a few years before getting shipped back to the US, where it then sat another 7 years before I bought it from my friend. He rode it a total of 5 miles in Italy from the dealership to his place and never again.
Because of its age, I did the 12k milage service on it to make sure everything was working right with Ducati of Orlando. Have all service records of that and both keys to bike, and all the original paperwork. I registered and had bike inspected for customs and its now ready to ride. Ive put 30 miles on it just around the block... Had Ducati of Orlando change the belts, new oil, radiator fluid, front shock fluid, new tires, they replaced a number of hoses and intake rubber... etc. This bike is brand new but I must sell, need the cash and space for a car build. Feel free to text me at 407-484-9017 John


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