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999 Front Fork options

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The showa forks on my bike are starting to leak and it is definitely not sprung for my weight so I was thinking of getting another set of forks to upgrade in the mean time. I could get some used ohlins but is that really the only option without spending thousands of dollars? Ive heard mention of elka, road & track setups, .. but no real details. I was just wondering what else is out there.

And more importantly, who to send them to. I live in new york and want to make sure they get done right for a good price. If I have to ship them I can deal with that.
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I'll tell you what I would do and what I'm planning to do with my 749s this summer. I need to get the forks rebuilt/refreshed anyways, so I'm getting springs from Racetech (use their spring calculator to figure out which one you need) and I'm putting an Ohlins or K-Tech 20mm piston kit in to upgrade the compression and rebound valving. With this setup you won't need new triples to fit the Ohlins forks and you'll have a good setup for about $500-$600 including the labor.
Who are you going to have do the work? That sounds perfect for what I need.
I would look up computrack and cogent dynamics over here on the east coast. I'm not picking the bike up til June and it will be in NM on my way to AZ, so I will find someone or west to do it -- maybe racetech, Kyle USA, or Evan Steele performance.

If I wind up going To racetech I might just get the racetech valve kit put in since that's their kit.
The stock showa tubes are fine, nothing really wrong with them. Öhlins has two solutions which I've tested and work great. The UES kit and cartridge kit. Neither one is very expensive and getting 25mm cartridges is fine and you'll save a shitload of time.

Most of the other options are junk because they require further tuning, where the Öhlins kits are already setup when you receive them. So all the installer needs to do is physically bolt the kit together and add oil. I vastly prefer the cartridge kit over the valving because it works better. The cartridge kits also come with springs, so that's one more thing you don't need to deal with.

Don't forget, the shock plays a HUGE role in this as well, so if you're doing the front, you absolutely need to do the rear as well and the stock shock isn't worth modifying. So budget for a DU301 (if you can find one used) because that's the best option for that bike. Have someone re-build it and throw the right spring on it for you.
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Got part numbers/links to the ohlins cartridge kit?

The rear shock has to be an ohlins to match or thats just what is recommended? Rebuilding my rear showa with a different spring would be a more cost effective solution.
Grab the set of Ohlins currently listed on feeBay.
Best forks you're gonna get for under a grand.
BTW, I have no affiliation to the forks or the seller.
That's a good price for Ohlins -- factor the proper lower triple and a rebuild into the dollar figure if you go this route though.
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