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I have an S2R 1000, and need to remove the head due to the prior owner's misadventures (Mr. Valve, meet Mr. Piston...).

I ordered the head nut tool, got the wrong one, re-ordered, got the right one.

--Four head nuts broken loose (later removed).
--Plugs broken loose.
--Exhaust removed.
--Intake removed.
--Belt removed.
--Cam gear removed (maybe mistakenly?)

Head does not want to budge from cylinder. A few gentle taps with a 2x4....

Seems like head and cylinder want to move as one (no apparent motion between cylinder and head, but the two together seem to move a hair relative to the crank case.

I'd rather not remove the cylinder.

Is there something I am missing?

I have looked at both a downloaded version of the service manual and the parts manual, and I cannot see anything that should be holding me up, except that there are some dowels between the cylinder and head.

I am not going to pry the head from the cylinder. :)

Any suggestions are welcomed.

Best, Rich

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There are a pair of sleeves that align the head to the cylinder and they are a slight interference fit on some bikes. Pry gently on both sides between cylinder and head and you'll most likely find the two will separate easily. Only the four cylinder studs hold the head down.
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