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The air filter isn't going to make much of a difference as its not very restrictive in these bikes. I kinda like the old school OEM ones because they don't rely on filter oil like some of the aftermarket ones like the K&N. In terms of oil filters, OEM is fine as well. If you buy the tool to remove, its MUCH easier to deal with then even the K&N. The reason is… the K&N filter nut will spin on you very easily. So when it comes time to remove, you're screwed and it makes removing MUCH harder. The Ducati OEM filters have multiple flat edges on them, which allows the tool to grip properly every time.

Aftermarket exhausts are a whole other ball game. The resonator and catalytic converter are BOTH located in the stock canisters. So they heat up a lot and quiet the bike down a lot. However, the performance gains are minimal, if not inconsequential. A full exhaust is really needed on those bikes to open them up. If your only interested in a bit more sound, then the aftermarket can will work fine. Termi has gone down hill these last few years, they use to make a super premium product, but today its not quite as good. There are many different exhaust options on the market, Motowheels-Motorcycle Performance Products for Ducati, MV Agusta, Aprilia, KTM - Rancho Cordova - Sacramento has a few of them and they sell internationally.

No, you don't have to remap the bike for slip-on can's, though I'd for sure do it as the stock fueling isn't that great to begin with.
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