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Alchemy SV1 - Unbuilt - looking for advice how to sell

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In 1998 I desparately wanted to buy an Australian bike. The closest I could get was to buy an Alchemy SV1 frame and body kit manufactured by Brooke Hnery in WA (Vee Two). The race version (RV1) was being very successfully raced by phil Allen at the time.

I have clinged onto the hope of evolving this frame/bodywork into a street weapon for 23 years. There have been a couple of half hearted attempts to sell the bike during this period, each time not quite being able to follow through to sell the dream. My last half hearted effort was 11 years ago.

Looking at the price of the donor engine at the moment and the cost to actually build what I would want, I now recognise the time has past for me and I really need to sell it to someone can complete it and enjoy the accomplishment.

The Odd Bike article below provides a bit of background and contains images of some of my frame/bodywork components, including the rear suspension linkage and fully adjustable whitepower shock:

This is a magnificent example of what it could be:

This now leads me to what I would like to get out of this post.

This is probably the last unbuilt Alchemy SV1. How and where would you sell something like this and how much would you ask???

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Thanks for your interest in this conversation.
The Alchemy has now been sold.
Good news.. thanks. Let them know that at least I’d be Interested in seeing the final build
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I’ve reposted in MS and sent it to some people.. man I’d love it but no cash and no talent.. I’d imagine not building original but trying to fit an 1100 evo hyper motor to it.

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Sorry old post.

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