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An introduction

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Hey folks,

Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself and convert from lurker to actual member.

I've been riding off and on since '71 having started out like many on Japanese bikes. I had a 17 year gap in between rides and reentered the sport in '02 when I purchased a BMW RT to fulfill my desire to enjoy long distance and sport/touring riding.

Along the way I added some BMW K bikes and then one day in late 2004 a buddy sent me a link to a 1992 Ducati 907 I.E. with 6006 miles on the odometer for sale in Alabama. This bike was in above average cosmetic condition but needed a lot of mechanical restoration and TLC.

For now I'll skip the details and fast forward to my first ride.

Wow. While not the fastest or quickest bike I've owned, the 907 had gobs of soul. To quote Humphrey Bogart in "The Maltese Falcon," it was the "Stuff that dreams are made of."

Alas, as much as I loved the bike I couldn't quite come to terms with its cost per mile to own. It seemed as though every other time I rode it something broke or showed signs of impending failure.

Here it is just prior to listing it on eBay:

It sold in April of '08 to a businessman/MC collector in Florida who put it on static display in the lobby of his office building:

As much as I was happy to rid myself of a problematic and rare bike, I missed that damned thing and never lost my lust for an Italian L twin.

Over the ensuing years I'd satiate my lust by looking on various forums, eBay, Cycletrader, etc., for its replacement yet never really finding another Ducati that "spoke" to me.

Until now.

I'm happy to report that sometime within the next 48 hours, Federal Transport will pick up a black 2005 ST3 in Texas and begin a slow journey to my home in Colorado Springs.

I have much to learn about the bike and can't wait to hear its Staintunes sing in the light Rocky Mountain air.

Pics will follow along with comments and questions. Please be patient with this noob and share in my new found joy.
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Welcome Colorado

:smoking: Welcome ST rider and owner,them Aussie pipe's sound best w/ no DB's,,,,,,;)
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