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Another Proud owner of a Sweet Red Ducati 1098

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Another new Proud owner of a sweet Red Ducati 1098. What a beautiful and gorgeous bike this is. I think Ducati took all the input of Ducati owners and our wants on looks/appearance/performance and made this spectacular 1098.

Had a deposit down at PHD (Honda Pennisula Ducati in Sunnyvale CA) and I finally got mine a couple days ago. Took a moment to stop riding and finally take pics and let it sit for the moment in the garage!

-Dan Harris
2007 Ducati 1098 Stock
Previous owner of a 748/853
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Congratulations buddy! Keep enjoying the ride!
Hey Dan, I'm waiting on a bike from the Sunnyvale dealer too! I was told I would get one due after yours, due tomorrow, but it turns out they were wrong and the bike wasn't allocated for them, so I'm totally bummed because I was all amped up for the weekend. So I continue to wait. There are actually two people ahead of me, but they weren't ready to buy. Hopefully the next bike comes in soon or else I'll have to wait another month. Enjoy your bike bud.

Wait you guys got it from the Ducait in Sunnyvale!!! The one just off of 85!!! Damn I love CALI!

Used to live in Santa Clara and play some football just off of 85!
Cali does rock. My favorite place to live in all of US. Too bad it is expensive and I am el cheapo...but I still got fam up in the Sacramento area there. Gorgeous weather for riding bikes...and great roads up there as well!
Congrats enjoy it.

I'm out of Gilroy, but the closest dealer was the one by 85 on El Camino. So far they've been cool. The parts guy even broke down every part they've ordered for the 1098 in case I wanted to buy something, I would know it was in stock.

By the way, where did you play football? I'm getting kind of old, at 30, but I've been wanting to play some football lately. I don't want to play semi-pro or anything, but getting a weekend game on once in a while sounds fun.


We met up at Fremont Highschool Just off of 85 and played Football there every sunday morning. You will find a team or two on the field. We would play 6 on 6 or 11 on 11 depending on how many showed up. Its not Pro or anything but we played with Heart and I loved that. A few injuries over the years but good memories. Average age is around 27, but we had people playing who were 40! Your young as hell so don't complain!

Yeah that dealership is pretty cool, I used to know the people there, they are the same owners as San Jose Yamaha and I used to live in that shop! hehehe!

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