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lol. welcome to the club. mine went out last year. my flange and gear was worn just like in your picture but i decided to sand paper it out alittle and buy a new sprag $150 bucks. lasted till 2 weeks ago. by went out, the spring popped, and the sprag pieces were dragging. Its tough to say if the damage was caused due to the spring being broke and pieces rattling around and getting jammed or if trying to start it for 15 minutes while it grabs and makes nastty noises did all the damage. The sprag pieces themselves were all hammered to shit and mushroomed...not ground down.

now im trying to source all 3 pieces again. $600 bucks. no idea if this will fix it or not....

FYI, i was told it was my battery as it was going out....when i replaced just my sprag into the semi worn flange/gear January 2014, i replaced to the larger size battery.

i can post pics today....maybe we can do a group buy? check your PM
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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