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Another won't start thread

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Well its happened to me. I have owned the bike for 9 months. It been ridden local and not in the rain until recently. While in Austin for the MotoGP and Ducati Island ( Enclosed Trailier). The bike got ridden in some rain to the track one morning. Funny the next day it hesitated and missed then the EOBD light came on. I turned the key off and then restarted and it went out. No problems since then. May be my imagination, but it may be running a little rougher but cant swear to it.

Well this last weekend I took her to NOLA for a track day. Trailered in some pretty good rain ( Open Trailer) to the track. Did not run in the morning sessions but after lunch the track began drying. I went out but did run through some smaller wet patches and puddles but nothing bad.

During my third session, after about 3 laps the EOBD light came on . Bike was running fine, temp good, nothing out of the ordinary. I pulled into hot pit, shut the bike down to check things and now she wont start. I turn the key on, fuel pump cycles, EOBD light stays on and nothing happens when I hit the starter. Dead silence.

TTRNO has a speed shop at the track and I just let them have it to take back and fix, I wish I had taken it back home and did some checking myself but just was not thinking. I should have gotten codes, checked battery etc.

Put a Shorai battery in about 8 months ago, but voltage was showing good. I hope its a fuse, relay or something simple and not expensive.

When I do get the bike fixed will make sure check all connections etc. I have always heard the 999 does not like wet....................now I believe it.
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Check the starter solenoid. Mine is doing the same thing. I jumped it with some safety wire and can't hear the starter engaging so try that and see what happens. Part is about $100 so not too bad for price
Thanks, like I said, wish I had brought it home and tried some things myself. But its at the dealer.
Its a lot easier than having them do it for sure lol. At least the part is relatively cheap
Lets Hope

Zodom................... Lets Hope:dance:
**** Update *****

Starter Relay as well as another un=specified relay. Total Parts and labor will be
What is the other relay? Mines not wanting to start now either. Replaced the starter and now going to the switch. Hope that works
I will know more when I pick it up and will post. They are also doing the oil cooler recall that evidently was not done. I suggest you pull the battery box and heat shield. Both relays are in the compartment. They stated the relays had gotten wet and were somewhat corroded.
I just replaced the starter relay and still nothing so I'll be changing my start switch soon to see if that helps. Let me know where the other relay is so I can take a look. Thanks
* * * * Update * * * *
Latest work from shop it that the problem is in the wiring harness somewhere. The starter switch checked good as well as the starter solenoid. When the jump the solenoid the bike starts and runs. They are busy with demo days this weekend, but state they are having to trace the problem back from solenoid to the switch. Told them I only have so much $$$ so keep me posted.
mines did the same thin, i bought a shorai battery and it wanted to start but did not, so i pulled the choke up a little and it started right up, but if i put the choke back down it'll shut off, i called the dealer and they won't fix my 03 999 because it too old for them, metuchen nj power house ducati, those assh.les appearntly my bike is too old for the 78k machine they have to look for codes, i need help, i put a multi meter n the bike and something is draining it, so after pulling some fuses , main fuse box 1, 1d the fuse with he number 3, the draining stops, instrumental panel supply, i guess thats the cluster but what should do from here please help
Well, after over 2 months in the shop they still don't know. I have decided to just go get the bike. Seems now they " think" its the ECU but in reality they don't know and don't want to fool with it anymore and are not doing anything with it. Funny how 2 weeks ago my bill was up to $440 and they have done nothing in 2 weeks but now it $580(?) WTF!. I am going to replace the 20 amp fuse with a 20 amp circuit breaker and just ride it as a track day bike. Will take stab at selling it with full disclosure but don't expect any offers. Just sucks! My buddy bought a new 1199 Panigale and is also having issues. The Ducati experiment is over for me.

I have decided to try to sell this bike as is when I get it back and just take my loss. But if I cant sell it, then will just use it as a track day only bike. I am going to retire 2/1/16 and will treat myself to one last new motorcycle. 90% sure it will be the BMW S1000R. Also considering the Aprillia Tuono, but after this brief romance and break up with an Italian lady, I don't think I can go that route again although BMW motorcycles of Baton Rouge would certainly stand by it ( The sell BMW and Aprillia).

BMW motorcycles of Baton Rouge has always put me first and were great to deal with. So going back to what I know and trust.

The Ducati Honeymoon and marriage is over. Cant stay with something I don't trust. Sorry.
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Got the bike back, had a long talk with the tech. In the end it ended up being two things. The no start issue was a cheap $13 relay. The fuse blowing was on me. When I would prep the bike for track days I would remove the tail light. I would just leave the plug hanging there thinking nothing of it. Well it seems that being under the vibrating hot exhaust the wire to the plug right at then end got rubbed through causing the short. GO FIGURE.

Anyway in the end I have to say that TTRNO in New Orleans did me right. It took 9 weeks, but the tech said I have a very solid bike. He personally rode it over 100 miles diagnosing was very complimentary and encouraged me to keep it. Asked him point blank if he would get on the bike right now and go to CA. Stated ABSOLUTELY! My final bill was 1/3 what I expected.

So along with the relay and repairing of the wiring harness, they checked belt tension, synced the throttle bodies, did a fuel injection reset and calibration and even reset the service light. So am going to get it all back together and ride it a couple of times and make my mind up as to if I am going to sell it or not.

Interesting side note. The first thing they did was take that expensive Shorai battery out during the work and testing. They stated the Shorai battery is so unpredictable and causes so many odd things to go on they did not want it even in there. They are not a fan of the Shorai Lithium battery
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I was looking to purchase a Shorai battery for my 848 last year and went to a local Ducati shop here in L.A. and the guy from the shop suggested that I NOT buy one because of the immobilizer light slowly draining the battery causes some problems with charge. I was surprised that he was willing to share that info with me because the lithium batts are twice the $$ as the Yuasa batts and I was dead-set on purchasing one that day. So ,I walked outta there with a Yuasa and some xtra cash in my pocket...
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