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Hi all, new member here and just collected a 97 ST2, and lovely as it is it dribbles clutch fluid from the master cylinder. Aaargh. I found a seal kit and its on its way to me, so dismounted the master cylinder intending to disassemble and clean in preparation for parts arriving.
Gad - didn't know they made clutch flavoured chewing gum but the reservoir was full of it - thick congealed clutch fluid or residue or something... anyway cleaned it out and examined for first step of how to disassemble .... no clue! Was expecting a circlip or something holding the piston in, but theres a rubber boot over it, and no way I can pull the boot off without just tearing it... that cant be right...
Any advice on what step one in the disassembly process is? Its a simple device, I'm sure I can fluff through it but dang... that step one eludes me.
HAPPY result: since I couldn't pull it apart properly I remounted it to see if there was any pressure after removing all the unidentified goo. Yes! Good solid pressure... don't know if it will still weep a bit, but what the hell - I was on road again! - good lever pressure made bleeding the system a breeze.

BUT: Now there is good pressure back in the system the slave cylinder is dribbling - so second seals kit on its way also. Anyone got time for a pointer on step one for rebuilding that jobbie?
Seems never ending but gotta say, it rides beautifully for 72k km on the clock and worth every effort.
Any thoughts? Thanks.
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