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Ceramic coatings can be hit or miss ..

Who did the exhaust coating?

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If it was purchased and installed by the dealer than best to revisit them.

I went there once and they replace me with not 100% product.
They said will be fine.
Then happened again.
Not only this happen
A few thing happen too!
Like ducati dealer service my bike but not good enough to screw the part in tight enough.
Then screw came off and i almost lost that part :(
I went there again
And they talk to me badly like annoy me :(
And i have no choice
Only one dealer here, where i live!
And a lot of thing!
But i the bike is good!!!!
Except the prt!!

Anyway thank you very much!
Will try to go there again and let see what he can do for 4 months old bike!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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