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I bought the bike used and the prior owner had it 100% dialed in. However he had it dialed in for a different sea level and for race gas. My shop dialed it in for my sea level and pump gas...so we thought. I started experiencing stalling with the clutch in etc. They replaced the clutch master cylinder. Got better but still stalled at low RPM and many times at lights etc for no reason...going from 5th to 6th a couple of times...with a pretty choppy idle. Dialed it in the other day and it idled beautifully...mechanic ran it pretty warm on the stand and even rode it, no issues.

The bike started and idled nice just like at the shop...then about 210 it coughed and died, never to restart. This happened twice - started real nice cold then died when warm. Now it won't even start, almost half-running with the starter still trying to crank...almost like it can't get enough fuel. Nothing else works, neither throttle nor cold start handle work until it's running. The prior owner said that he had the exact same stalling problems all the time until they dialed it in and he says it's the shop. However it's so inconsistent I feel like it's something else, seems to be losing its map or something.

- Anyone ever have similar problems with a heavily modded bike?
- Does the PC mapping control all, including the full Termi exhaust or does that need to be programmed separately in some way?
- My dealer disconnected my QS. Could this have anything to do with the inconsistency?
* My limited knowledge says that it's not a mechanical issue since the bike will sometimes run great, then it sits in my garage unwilling to crank over like now. But I don't know. Do you think the problem might be a bad PC?
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