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Posted this in the 848 section with no joy, figured I would give it one last shot here before I send in the ECU, so...

There is not a place close by that can Dyno tune my bike, so a complete custom map for my bike and location is a bust. So on to the next best option, using someone elses.

Anyone have a map for a Corse model with full 70mm Termi exhaust in a DDG format that you are willing to share? i have JP's writer program so I can flash it no problem, it just has to be in that format. I have checked with JP and he only has the DP full system that I am running right now, but that map is not working well for me...I'm running WAY too rich. Very strong exhaust smell, fuel smell in the exhaust, cans are yellowing pretty good at the tips, piss poor fuel mileage and under acceleration I'm shooting flames when I shift (may look cool from behind, but I'm guessing not good).

I know it's a shot in the dark, but I figured it was worth asking, if not then I'll send it in to Rexxer for a flash...just trying to save $300 so I can spend that on something else. I dont much care for the piggyback systems (I dont have room under my seat as my alarm takes up most of that space already) and Microtec ECU's dont work with the corse models so Im S.O.L. on that front also.

Thanks in advance.

..or if someone has the map I need in a different format and can tell me how to get it loaded I'm willing to try that too...I have a spare ECU that I can play with if needed.
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