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Congrats on owning the absolute BEST exhaust for any Ducati (IMHO here)
As a matter of fact, I just sent Arrow a long email regarding a thread on here I just stumbled across that rose my eyebrows and grabbed my attention big time!

New Arrow exhaust - Ducati 1299 Forum

I have no clue on HOW to remove the DB killer but it seems these other helpful members have you covered on it right here man! This is all Arrow has about them on their site, lol :)

"What does the dB-killer is needed for?"

(dB-killer (used on most of Arrow street legal exhausts) is used to reduce power and noise levels in a way to meet European requirements (fixed by European Directive 97/24/EC and its modifications). On amny Arrow silencers the dB-killer can be removed to be able to use the exhaust in “full power” mode on racetracks. WARNING: if the dB-killer is removed, the exhausts is no longer matching the requirements stated fot power and noise levels, therefore it canot be used on public roads." )

Best wishes and enjoy that AWESOME pipe brother!

****LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND TOO! (Sometimes the Search engine here works very good!)

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