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anyone know this 1098s Sydney?

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Hey all, first time poster - long time lurker.

Wondering if anyone here knows of or has seen this 1098s.
12k seems cheap and its been on Gumtree for a few weeks but I'm interstate so can't check it out. Ive spoken to the bloke and his story is he bought it off a mate who was in need of cash (he reckons he doesn't even ride) and that its basically been sitting in his living room since.

When I asked him about servicing he said major had been done before it was sold to him (but books are empty)

So all seems a bit sus bit for 12k for an S is it worth taking the risk?

what are peoples opinions on the light weight fuel cell tanks?



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Price is cheap but in saying that i only paid $13.5k for my 07 1098s with only 11,000kms. With pretty much the same goodies list as this one. So yeah cheap but I wouldn't say it was too good to be true kinda cheap.
If your dead keen on it it might be worth the flight over to have a look and a ride
its proberly fine its proberly more than he was offered on a trade by Frasers and besides the are like bums everyone has got one or had one they built heaps
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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