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Anyone running a GPS system on yoru 1098?

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I got a kit whihc replaces the stock centerstem nut with one that has a place to screw in a RAM ball mount. Just wondering what other options you guys went with.
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I have a garmins treet pilot I5....super suction cup mount....I usually mount it on the front of the tank and then run off of batteries...
How's that working out?

I tried a ram mount on another bike and the vibration kept shuting the unit down. What GPS are you running and can you feel much vibration in the GPS unit?
I got a Garmin Legend running North America Maps V8.0, I'll post some pictures of my set up but bascially it can be seen here..


I am in no way affliated with them, just trying to help fellow ducatist folks out.

I got mine off Ebay but I think they resell them there. Its a really nice piece and was fairly easy to install.
Can we just drill it and tap it ?

I have 2 gps, one portable...Garmin E map and a 2610. I used the e-map with welcro on my gas tank or on the triple tree....this one is great, it record the road and you can see all the curves configuration when travel back that road.

I'm hoping to set up the 2610, I've got all braket and holder ready.

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yeah you can probably tap it and drill it but I dont think I want to mess up :)

Mine keeps trap of routes, I can create routes and it navigates, I can find nearest gas stations, rest stops, food places, banks etc etc.. Its a full nav system software wise and does turn by turn navigation. It will even recalculate if you miss a turn.

Here is a good shot of the color display...

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i have a garmin 2720 and the same motorcyclemounting kit as grand duc from my previous bike, I only need the motoreva and the ball; can I buy those seperately, any idea on pricing, looks like the 125 dollar on website are for the complete kit included ram mount and I don´t need the latter.
Anyone knows where to find it seperate?
I just got my ram mount today. I'm going to use my life drive (tomtom)/rear camera with it. I want to tap my center nut but not sure how to remove it properly. How did you all remove it? Do you know the proper torque?
What are the torque values for the steering stem nut and the bolts on the top yoke?
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