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SOLD - Arai Corsair V for sale - Large

SOLD - thank you.

Hello everyone - I am looking to sell my three year old Arai Corsair V, size large in white (the white on this helmet is called the Brilliant White which is actually metallic white - it's amazing looking in the sun). This is the current model Corsair V. Perfect condition with one tiny hairline crack on an air duct right near the rear adjustable spoiler - does not affect anything and it is NOT part of the helmet's structure (see close up picture). This helmet is amazing in terms of ventilation and aerodynamics - very, very stable at high speeds and incredibly well designed and built as you would expect from a top of the line Arai helmet. The hemet will be sold with both clear and light tinted visors (admittedly the clear has been used more than the tinted but both are in very good condition and this helmet was used occasionally when riding my Ducati or RC8R, never as a commuter helmet). No drops, no crashes, no stories and I will have the lining cleaned prior to selling it. Looking to get $300 OBO plus shipping from Toronto, Canada at the buyer's expense and paypal is accepted. Email me at [email protected]

By the way, any "spots" that appear in this picture are caused by my iPhone camera and are not on the helmet itself.

Reason for selling? I have many helmets - I own multiple Arai Corsair Vs, happy to let this one go to a good home...

Thanks everyone

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