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Arai RX-7RR3 Red helmet in very good condition. I used this helmet for a couple of years, but was a very casual rider, riding only a few times per year. This helmet is in VERY good condition. I'd rate it a 7.5 out of 10. It's clean, does not smell, no sweat, and the exterior is near perfect. It comes complete with the box, owners manual, a dark smoke tinted face lens and the factory clear. The smoke tinted lens cost me $40 alone. It has a ton of vents that can be closed for cold weather. I paid $489 plus tax. Includes the original receipt! (I'm really freaking anal). The size is Large / 7&1/4 to 7&3/8 / 59cm to 60cm.
I'll take $100 or a reasonable offer. Do not insult me, won't budge much off $100. It's a great helmet for someone that can't afford a big bucks helmet, but wants to get into motorcycling and be safe and comfortable.
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