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Hi Guys.

I am looking at buying a HM1100 SP done 3,000km's.

The bike is super clean but I am suspect about the low km's, I brought a car years ago to find out later it had the km's turned back.

So I am just trying to cover my bases with the following questions.

1) Cluster Changed - I know with the later model Harley's that the km's the bike has covered from new is stored in the ECU so if you replace the Speedo with a new one it will still display the current km's the bike has done from new. Is this the same with the HM1000

2) Speedo Cable (if it has a cable) - I have heard some people just disconnect the speedo cable on some bikes, is this the case with the HM1000 or does it throw up an error code. There is no code up at the moment which I guess the seller could of removed before putting the bike up for sale.

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