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Brand new to the forum... scratch that. Been lurking on threads for the past 1½ months, reading all the posts in the What have you done / post picture / all gear related threads.

I've not got my license yet because of crazy long handling time from authorities so haven't got a bike yet. I'm all set on the 848 (you guys assured me that I can fit it 6'3'' / 189 cm even Motorcycle Ergonomics doesn't show an completely akward riding position :) )
I'm going to import a white bike, red chassis, red wheels from Germany as you that model does not exist in Denmark or at least I've not seen one for sale for the last couple of years.

Anyway, I've compiled a list of +30 upgrades/mods from your work but I have not found anyone talking about the Arrow White Line. I think it would look wicked on a white bike with ceramic coated pipes.

What are your thoughts ?

oh, thanks everyone (especially you Sinister) for ruining my economy for the next couple of years. Not only is Ducs insanely priced here (~$20.000 for a used 2012 EVO) but all the freaking modding and upgrades. FFS :friday:
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