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*****FIRST 17.5k GETS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

owners manual/open warranty no box

Will consider trades Mainly interested in....
-gold Daytona, GMT BLNR, gold yacht master 116655, absolutely nothing bigger than 42
-will consider different pieces if they are in my favor.

Onto the pics

All absurd lowballers will be ignored, that said, If your a long term, respected member I'd be willing to deal a realistic and reasonable amount.

I can ship overseas no problem.

I'd also be willing to DRIVE to an AD or shop of your choice in the north east w a deposit.

Feel absolutely free to shoot me a text and chat about the watch, don't worry about the time zone i turn my phone off every night and will respond the following day. 412.400.6900

36k retail

$22.350 obo
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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