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I'm facing a random issue where the bike will suddenly throw the ENGINE light, melcodiag says is "P0221 Horizontal cylinder throttle position error [TPS 2 - Difference between track 1 and track 2]. "

lately got worst since it will happen minutes or seconds after firing it up. Panigale Tps 1199 - YouTube
first 10 seconds you can see the TPSs readings oscillating while off, next 10 seconds opening the throttle, then engine running with very random readings, it will eventually show the engine error and disable the throttle after a while. APS readings seem fine I guess.

Tried so far:

a. I've tested continuity on all 17 pins going from the airbox to the ECU connectors, continuity looks perfect with every single one, using the new airbox harness.

b. I've tried the APS and TPS reset from melcodiag

c. This part might be confusing but maybe can give someone an idea: I've tried connecting the cables going from one TPS to the other TPS and the issues (while engine off course) appear to be following the cables, not the TPS, also at some point I was getting more errors with just turning the key on if I had the Vertical top injector connected (regardless of which connector.

Any suggestion is really appreciated!

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Here is WATT little I know about the sensors and ECU's.

Basic troubleshooting a computer bike with 3 variables:
1. Connector not connected. Obvious, right? It would lock a code at the dash.
2. Wire out of connector. This says it is not, because it is showing in the video it's bouncing around.
3. Short-open-out of range. This shows a direct short and blows fuses so no. This says the wire in the sensor is snipped somewhere and would act like the other 2 above so no. But to see that sensor send in sporadic numbers out of range and not matching V, looks like it points to the horizontal cylinder's sensor.

Also note the phase in of 4 as the static [no engine running] and the 3 at the H. Both should read 4 at 0 and both 28 at 100% open throttle. If I had that software tethered to the ECU, I'd then move the H [lf slotted] TPS to 4. That says phased in equally, start and if the same jump of numbers, it's the sensor or TPS H is the code sending 'out of range' and not within spec.

The point where nes swapped connectors to the V to H say, then threw more codes? I would think that the V harness was at certain cylinder stroke than the other, where if both were the same exact part, then I'd have to physically swap parts, thinking more codes set are cylinder phasing out of sync to set more codes. Especially if it's sequential fire.

Disclaimer: Not an expert in the field. Not an owner of a duc. Not and engineer in EE. Not well versed in the english language. That's my take on it and am sticking to it unless one hit wonder comes back.
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