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And if a 'friction-modified' oil is going to cause your clutch to slip, it may take a little while to do so. It might not happen immediately.
This is the truth. A lot of riders on this forum that use non-wet clutch oils probably don't ride enough mileage to really tell if premature failure happens.

I've owned many many motorcycles over the past 35yrs and the least amount of K's I put on one was 37,000K. The most being my current 848 at almost 90,000K. I used auto oil both semi and non synthetic oils in 2 of my GSXR oil pumpers and while the engines seemed fine on the oils, the clutches were gone within 25,000K's. My last 2 GSXR's I owned ran motorcycle specifics and clutches were fine after 37,000K.

Oils have advanced over the decades but for the piece of mind, I'll spend a bit more on the Motul 5100 or 300V.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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