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Best price on a slave cylinder?

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just wondering what the cheapest place to pick up an aftermarket slave cyclinder is, the stock clutch pull makes my hands sore.
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I got an MPL 30mm for around $150 from the manufacturer in Germany.

I think retail the MPL, STM, and Evoluzione all run $160-$180 U.S.
check this one out, mpl ordered from oregon.http://www.ducatidesigns.com/ducati_sport_touring?b=1had good service and good communication.Not affiliated with him at all!!
I too checked out ducatidesigns, but was put off by their high shipping charges, unless there is a mistake on their website its like an $18.00 to $22.00 charge to send it. FWIW
I ended up going with Yoyodyne, a little pricier, but comes with lifetime warrenty and I have them on 2 of my other bikes with great results.
I have a 916 with an Evoluzione and I was thinking of just swapping it with the one on my new 1098S (when it comes in). Will that work (putting the 1098 stock one on the 916)?
installed a stm 30 mm from 58cycle.com works nice .
moto said:
motowheels slave cylinder: $119
MOTO--- How do you like the MW Slave??
The MW slave is a "Moto Wheels branded" Evo slave unit without the hardware (nuts, washers, & bleeder kit)...

Best slaves (IMO & personal experience) are as follows...

#1 - MPL w/ approx 25-30% reduction in clutch effort. Price $150-$175.
#2 - STM w/ approx 20-25% reduction in clutch effort. Price $190-$200.
#3 - YoYodyne w/ approx 20-25% reduction in clutch effort. Price $190-$200.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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