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Big Bend National Park Trip

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Hey all,

I'm embarking on by far the longest motorcycle trip I've ever taken this week. Busting out on a 7 day trip from Dallas to Big Bend National Park. I'm on a 2009 Monster 696 and will be joined by a Daytona 675 and a GSXR 750. Our route is as follows:

  • Dallas
  • Fredericksburg
  • Del Rio
  • Terlingua (2 Nights)
  • Ft. Stockton
  • Abilene
  • Dallas

I spent a lot of time planning our route out and we will avoid anything that resembles a highway the entire time. I've also limited riding distance each day to between 250 and 300 miles or so.

With the weather the way it is looks like we might get pretty wet the first two days getting down to Del Rio, but I think we should be fine after that. Life's about learning to ride in the rain, right?

Gonna take a days break from riding in the middle of the trip to spend some time in the park with some buddies who are going to bring their jeeps down. Traveling all that way might see as much as we can!

So, whose been out that way before? What suggestions do you have for us? I've done a trip from Dallas to the Twisted Sisters before, but after that it's going to be all new territory for me.

I appreciate the input!
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If you get near Alpine,Tx, you might visit Big Bend Saddlery.. Gr8 leather shop. The owners name is Gary Dunschee.....
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