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Just under 1k miles on the clock. I was headed home from riding the twisties getting onto the freeway. Pull the clutch in as I am coming to a stoplight in front of the on ramp, bike dies. Try to start it, nothing. Thankfully the driver behind me was paying attention and put her hazard lights on. I had to hop off and push to the side of the road. half tank of gas, bike lives on a tender, and just had the bike serviced at the 600 mile mark. LCD screen was acting a bit weird, and my headlight was flickering when trying to start. This had happened once before when rev matching from 3rd to 2nd when pulling in the clutch. Thankfully I was in a decent place to coast to the shoulder. Glad it did not happen 30 seconds later while merging onto the freeway. :wtf:

AAA towed the bike to the dealership and they think the regulator in the charging system is bad. The dealership is puting in the warranty request on Tuesday. Service manager estimated that it would be about 2 weeks.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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