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Bike starting problem

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1198 battery is at 12% bike won't start dash completely goes out and engine light came on.. Can anyone think of what might be wrong?

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The battery is clearly the primary issue, but you need to know why it went bad. It may be a problem with the charging circuit or the regulator.
Check all the primary terminals - the heavier cables at the battery, the battery's earth on the engine, the two on top of the solenoid, and the connection on the starter motor. Take care with the last - it is easy to over-tighten it and screw the insulating block.
If any of these were loose, you could try charging the battery and give it another try. But the original battery was a bit undersized for these.
You will benefit from replacing it with a YTZ-14S, or an 18 Ah Shorai if you want to spend a bit on lightening your bike. The original batteries didn't last long with intermittent use.
Ok guys, update: sprague clutch and internal parts are shot... To sum it all up $1000 to fix!

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