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Bike's here but you can't have it yet.

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So while on my way to pick up my 1098 on Saturday I get the call....Dude, I got some bad news...your bike keeps stalling. It's now Thursday morning and I might get to pick it up this afternoon. I got the termi slip-ons and the ecu/air filter package. The sales guy says, "They are working on it but need the service rep to get back to them with something before they proceed."

Am I the only person this has happened to?
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The bike needs setting up to run richer, I bought one with just the can's... stalling.

I have ordered the 70mm mid section and ecu, this should cure the problem.

Good luck dude

well at least they didn't deliver it to you with it stalling like alot of other people. and they are actually taking care of the problem
I talked to the tech that set up my bike yesterday. They said that he had setup my bike to be in "racing" spec and not "street riding" spec. I guess this means that my bike runs richer? But so far so good.
Grand Duc said:
Witch one it is ?
I think it's the middle one.
He told me that the Tree Huggers would not like the setup that he did on my bike. IMO: I rather give up a little bit of the miles per gallon than stalling.
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