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Black Key, Red Key, Codes, WTF!

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:(Going to pick up a 2005 999s in Tx Saturday. Owner advised me that there is only 1 black key. So is this a deal breaker? I did some research and have a email into SOS Diagnostics. What can I expect to pay for at least 1 duplicate black key? Any Chance they can make another red key and get the codes from black key for a code card?

Or is this going to be so expensive I need to look elsewhere.
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For sure this is a good question. In all of the time I have owned mine I have never needed to use the red key or code card. In your case a spare key would be advisable. As far as costs, I can't help you however this might be a bargaining chip? I don't think you would regret buying the 999.
The immobilizer system on these bikes can be VERY EASILY disabled via the ECU. So no, its absolutely not a deal breaker what so ever. If you want another key made, simply do a google search for "immobilizer disable Ducati" and you'll see the companies who do the software update. Then you can have a standard key made, instead of a special one with the electronic ID built into it.

The key card is necessary for reprogramming an ECU OR ordering a new key from Ducati. I've never quite understood the reason for the red key however. My new 848 didn't come with one, just two black keys and a key card. So they clearly ditched the idea after the 749/999.
Does not matter anyway. Found out the bike in TX was wrecked. BUT ended up finding a sweet deal on a fully serviced and documented 999 in TN. Bike had keys, card etc etc. So she is mine now. But thanks anyway
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