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  1. FYI...:mad::mad:

    I have been with this Company for 7 years. Have owned 3 newer versions due to failure of signal loss.

    Failed when I was on a ride. Detected last location and then stopped sending.

    If the unit is fried how on Earth can it still be sending signals?

    I was accused by the Company of opening the unit and overcharging it. Not true.

    The failure was due to a faulty unit. Not of my doing. They refused to answer many of my questions.

    I.e. Explain to me how I am sending a signal but not getting one back.

    Did not answer my question as to how old is the unit? Yes, of course I know when I bought the unit. -3 years

    My thinking is that they refused to answer my question as the unit does not have a very long life before it fails again.
    In 7 years 3 failures.

    Each time I got a new unit it was an updated model. They where having problems and had to improve?

    I received an e mail saying that they had inspected the unit and due to my opening the unit and overcharging it was deemed useless and they would destroy it.

    Destroy my unit. It was not there`s to destroy.

    This was one of the replies I got.Totally untrue......

    I have over viewed the report for your device with our service technician and the device was deemed irreparable due to misuse. It is also stated opening a Blackline Product will void any warranty with Blackline GPS.

    I did not have a Warranty.

    All I simple wanted was to have it repaired. However, fail to understand why they would accuse me of opening the unit and frying it. DUH.
    I was not trying to scam a free unit.

    MMMmmmm Do I really need another locator? Peace of mind. Yes, I know I am covered by Insurance if the bike is stolen. Etc,
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