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Brake feeling question

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I keep hearing how phenomenal the brakes are, and you should only use 1 finger, etc etc.

I havent noticed that on my bike (270 miles). It seems I have to pull the handle quite a bit to get into the brakes, and even then not astounding.

What have others found? Maybe the brakes need to be bled - they do feel slightly mushy.

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I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday as I was out trying to get the break-in mileage on my bike. I did a 120 mile ride yesterday and I found myself wishing that I had the stopping power of my BMW K12GT. The BMW brakes are far stronger and more able to stop a bike that weighs almost 700 pounds loaded down with gear! Maybe bleeding the brakes will help and I will certainly mention it at my 600 mile service.

I have done 1,600 km on my tri-colour and have to say the brakes are the best I have experienced. Not just one finger deal but good progressive feel. You guys need to have them looked at. Good luck
When braking the bike in you want to avoid long hard braking. Along with the engine you also need to bed the pads in. Get them checked on the 1st service, the pads might have become glazed and will need a quick rub with emery. Also get the brakes bled if in doubt.

The Brakes in this bike are really power full indeed. The initial bit is far stronger then I've ever ridden.

Hope this helps
i think these brakes are excellent! i broke them in with real easy light stops, for the first 600. i use 4 fingers, and have never got the feeling that i was gonna be thrown off. They sure do bite though. I think this 1 finger deal came from people who were use to riding bikes with less powerful brakes. if you feel that these brakes arnt powerful enough, then there is something wrong with your bike.
The best way to break in pads is to run along at about 35mph & tap tap tap the lever on and off for a few miles so the pads seat with the rotors without excess heat buildup & associated glazing. If your brakes are soft then bleed them .... because soft is not a word I would ever associate with these brakes.

These are the best brakes I have ever experienced & may well be the best on the market today.
Thanks for the feedback - I was careful on the first 150 miles, getting more aggressive into the next 100 - and feel the brakes on my 03 r6 were better. Not what I expected from my rave reviews. Ill have to get them checked out.

I can't believe the stopping power of these brakes (front). All I have to use is one finger. All thought my back brake feels a little mushy. Is this normal as we bearly use the back brake or should I have it adjusted?
My 916 brakes were just ok, but these brakes are by far the best I have ever used. I had to be careful when I first got the bike because 2-3 times my riding buddies almost ran in to me when I was just trying to slow just a little bit for a turn.
I actually locked the wheel with two fingers when a guy almost ran in to me in a parking lot, ever since I try using one finger :s
That is what I thought, I have had to do full 4 finger pulls to feel any reasonable braking.
ducatidave said:
That is what I thought, I have had to do full 4 finger pulls to feel any reasonable braking.
Yeah, you gotta bleed them then.
My 1098 brakes are by far the best brakes I have ever felt on any bike. Definitely a one finger deal. If your's aren't, you have something wrong. These brakes are the standard to which all others are judged right now.
The brakes on My Tri are actually very good indeed. My 999s actually grabs a little more and needs less effort to stop. Seems there is more travel in the lever on the new bike.
I agree, after all the reviews saying how awesome they were I am disappointed, the brakes on my 996 are way better. actually wish i had never read anything, I even think my 996 is more responsive and quicker, granted i have gone to single injector, chipped and geared.
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