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Brake Fluid on my Instrument Panel

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So I flushed my entire brake system the other weekend. I was extra cautious and put down multiple layers of absorbent towels under the brake cylinders and bleeding nipples. I even had soap and water on hand just in case. I finished without a drip, and covered her back up.

The next day I came out for a ride and discovered something wet on the instrument panel, so I took a towel and wiped it off. While doing so I smeared some of the substance on the black plastic surrounding the panel. Seconds later I noticed the color of the plastic starting to fade. I checked the color of the fluid on the towel, yellow, it was brake fluid... I rushed into get a bucket of water and soap, but it was too late.

Now I have a patchy black/grey instrument panel, which sticks out like a sore thumb after I spent hours detailing her with a toothbrush. My question is, what I can do aside from buying a brand new instrument panel? All I need is the plastic surround on the front. I have seen stick-on carbon surrounds, but I would much rather stick with OEM.

2011 Ducati 848 Evo
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I do believe you've already answered your own question....

either some touch up paint or remove the bezel and spray it for a uniform coat. easy fix.
I do believe you've already answered your own question....
The problem is I don't want to spend $350-400 on a new instrument panel. I just need the bezel. As far as I've found online, you can only order the carbon surround or the complete unit. Anyone know the site for just the OEM bezel?
Find someone who has a cracked screen on eBay. Take it apart...voila!
Sucks I just had a similar situation. Wife cracked car mirror on garage just cracking a tiny piece of outer shell but of course I got a buy a whole new fucking mirror because they dont sell parts!
Nothing on eBay, guess I'll keep looking.
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