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HH pads originally meant EBC pads, but I think other brands may use those initials. You will know when you take them off, if the writing is still legible.
You may get some benefit from the sanding, which of course needs to be done carefully and evenly.
But if it doesn't work you have the other discs to try.
The way to learn what the cause was is to do one thing at a time.
The way to fix the bike quickly is to do everything.
You choose!
There is no reason why you couldn't continue using the same pads. The problem obviously stems from the rotating parts.
My approach to this issue is to set up a dial gauge on the outer edge of the disc (still on the bike, with the calipers removed) and check for run out (taking care to miss the holes). And take it from there.
And of course there is nothing to say the discs you bought are true..
As an old friend and mentor used to repeat (often) - "the dial gauge never lies".

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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