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I was looking at Carbone Lorraine's catalog and noticed the 848 uses the same pads as my 696 Monster.

So I was curious, what pads have you found to work extremely well on the track? Are the CL C59s not a good choice for street use?

I also see Ferodo's XR pads for the front. I've been told to avoid EBC pads. Versah came highly recommended but I don't know if they are much better than Carbone Lorraine.

I have no clue what kind of pads came from the factory, other than that they have very thin pads - much thinner than I'd expect from new pads. I guesstimate a thickness of 3-4 mm , and the manual says to replace them at 2mm.

I don't know much about motorcycle brake brands, I've found Hawk/Wellman to make good pads for performance cars along with Ferodo.
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