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Well,you guys wont believe that but...

..in a last ditch effort,before ordering tons of expensive parts I decided to change the rear plug since well,it must have been bathing in oil.

It was indeed wet and oily.

So I changed it and waited till end of day (did it at work at lunch time) to push the bike out and try it...cold start system,1500rpms...check...barely any surging,check.

Clutch 1st,give it throttle....lotsa lotsa smoke pouring out of exhaust for a couple street corners but then it cleared up and man,its running like a new engine,no more surging at all.

Still doesn't explain the TPS behavior but heh,its all golden right now so if it aint broke,dont fix the mutha.

No more oil coming out the exhaust,nothing to complain at all.


I had the rear plug go last year. Only 4000 miles on it. It looked wet and oily but it was flooded and the carbon mixed with the gas makes it look like oil but it's not.
Just a few months ago my tps went though and the first thing I looked at was plugs. They looked in the same condition as the plug that didn't fire off last summer but after changing plugs, could and checking fuel pump I realized it was a faulty tps sensor. Almost the same troubling conditions as the plug though....
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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