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Brembo HPK rotors on 1098

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Hey guys,I hope at least one of you knows the answer to my question.
I'm looking to buy a Brembo HPK brake disc kit for my 1098.There is a specific kit for my bike (part no. 208.9737.11) which comes with 320mm rotors.I know I can use 320mm rotors if I get rid of the caliper spacers.Decrease in performance of front brake isn't my concern either,I do realize that these are excellent rotors,and 320mm is more than I need.
However I would like to get a Brembo kit meant for Panigale which comes with 330mm discs. I just like how nicely 330mm rotors fill up the front wheel.
I compared OEM part numbers for Panigale and 1098 brake discs and brake discs bolts,and they are identical. As well as discs offset,number of bolts and bolts spacing.
The only difference with Brembo HPK rotors (beside different diameter) is that ones for 1098 have countersink holes for mounting bolts.
Do you guys know if I can use Panigale HPK rotors on 1098? anyone done that before?
Any help is much appreciated.Thanks!
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