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British GP future

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MotoGP News - Donington Park to host 2015 British MotoGP

What's everyone think of this? Personally I think I'll miss Silverstone. Donington looks to be a pretty nice track (though narrow like most British tracks), and the WSBK races at Donington have always been enjoyable, but it's no Silverstone in my opinion...of course I haven't gone to either of them, so all I can say is from what I've seen on TV and played on my MotoGP and WSBK video games :D

Curious what the new track in Wales is going to be like.
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A bit unfortunate this. Silverstone is a more international standard of venue than Donington.

But there is no doubt Donington Park usually provides great racing.

The downhill Craner Curves and the stop/start Melbourne Corner will give some of the GP classes some problems.

Does anyone have a projection of the Wales circuit layout?

Is it going to be a big wide place like Silverstone, or smaller like the many provincial circuits in the UK?
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