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Can a trickle charger be used on a Lithium Battery?

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I would just like to find out if i a trickle charger can be used on a Lithium Battery. I have a 6 stage C-Tek XS0.8 charger.

Had a guy from one bike shop telling me he has his trickle hooked up to his Lithium Batt whenever the bike is not in use. Then i had a guy from the battery shop where i got my Lithium telling me that trickle chargers wont charge a Lithium, it doesnt like the step charging process. I will need a non-step charger. Not sure who's correct now :confused:

Both have advice that u should never let the battery get flat or it will not be useable after.
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The short answer is you shouldn't use a charger which has a desulfation mode like the C-Tek (I have one of them too which I now only use on lead-acid batteries)

A charger like the 'Battery Tender' brand which does not have a desulfation mode is ok and my mate uses this on his bike with a Shorai LiFePo4 battery.

The problem is that if the battery does not have its own Battery Management System (BMS) which is a set of circuitry that is able to monitor while charging the individual cells of the battery to prevent over charging, over discharging or short-circuiting then using a standard tender like the 'Battery Tender' brand of chargers will be OK but will not be able to balance and monitor the charging to the cells individually as your just sending a single current to the battery (which is what your alternator/rectifier is doing anyway).

That is why Brands like Shorai have their own battery charger which is a BMS whereas some brands have this built into the battery (cant remember which ones as its been a long time since researching this topic).

I had my shorai on a 'Battery Tender' for over a year with no problems before I bought their BMS charger as it was on sale.

If you tell me what brand of battery you have I may be able to help you further.
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If you tell me what brand of battery you have I may be able to help you further.
Thanks for the prompt reply. I just bought the SSB Lithium LFP12B-4
Super Start Batteries > Products > Product List
Battery Tender makes a trickle/float charger specifically for Lithium Batteries.
I use a "battery tender" trickle charger on my LiIon battery, keeps it charged nicely.
I was told that a typical battery tender will technically not hurt the Li batteries (like a Shorai), but it only charges 1 cell, not all 6 (or however many there are). Once it charges the 1st cell, it stops and just maintains it, it doesn't go on to the rest, so you will have 1 full cell, but the others won't be. Whereas the recommended ones charge all the cells. I'm no electrician, or electrical engineer, and have no clue if this is true or not, but that's what I've been told.
Would this old conventional charger i have be suitable? I was planning to wire it up to the Ducati battery tender so it can be just plugged in once a mth or so without having to remove fairings.


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For those who have the Shorai charger, what voltage is it maintained at? The Battery tender maintains it at 12.8 Volts
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