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hi guys, I dont know if im posting in the right spot but if anyone could help it would be appreciated. it is a 2000 model. 916cc. all the badges say S4 but I thought the s4 didn't come out til 2001. it says M4 on the vin plate and the model on the registration is M400A. Ive googled everything I can think of lol. and the closest I can get is an S4 M400A in relation to parts but nothing on the actual bike. the story I was told was they only made the minimum number needed (500) for the production bike race it entered. but I cant find any information on that either.... its like a bike that doesn't exist. I want to sell it but I have no idea how to list it lol. if anyone can tell me what it is and maybe give me some history on it I would be very thankfull.


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Its a Monster S4, original generation with the 916 motor in it. If you're selling it, the add should simply read 2001 Monster S4.

Ducati sometimes manufacturers motorcycles ONE YEAR before the release model year. So if you have a 2001 model year bike, it could very easily say 2000 production date on the sticker.

Everything looks pretty normal to me, very nice bike.

Retail value in the US for those is around $4000 USD.
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