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Carbon fiber for sale and other parts!

I have a list of parts for sale. PM me if u have any questions. I'm also selling my 848 Evo matte grey. It has a reconstructed Pennsylvania title. Bought the bike with cracked fairings (right side only).

Here's the list: all parts are fairly new.
I put the parts on and rode the bike like 2-3 times (due to having 2 full time jobs)
The bike: $8500 or best offer
Brand new Pirelli Rosso Corsa tires
CF mirror covers $110 + shipping
CF CRG levers $185 + shipping
CF wind screen $165 + shipping
CF gas tank cover $85 + shipping
CF side fairings $225+ shipping
CF air ducts ( it has a minor chip)
$150 shipping
CF seat cover $95+shipping
Ducati race seat $215+shipping
Ohlins steering damper $200+shipping
Ohlins SP rear shock(I hate the yellow spring so I got it painted red along with the shock black to match the bike)
$285+shipping(deciding whether to leave it on the bike or have it taken off and get charged $75 to take it off)
R&G bar ends $45+shipping
CF rear fender $95+shipping
CF heat shield $70+shipping
CF front fender $150+shipping
CF key hole cover $70+shipping
CF front tank cover with key hole cover $ 75+shipping
CF nex-ray frame heat covers (make offer) paid too much!
Bellisimo site had it for $450 at the time
Gilles VCR rear sets $375+shipping( paid $520)
Corse Dynamics frame plugs $65+shipping
Front & rear frame sliders $70 +shipping
If I'm my missing anything let me know.

It's not letting me post up all the pixx. So PM me and I can send the pixx.

My PayPal is [email protected]


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as far as I understand, the price $8500 is the bike with stock parts only? do you have a number in mind if all the parts go together with the bike? (i'm just interested in some part, but just curious to ask :D )

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