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Carbon Tank

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Need advice on carbon tanks.
Just got a brand new bare tank.
Going to swap pump, fittings etc from original tank.
Anything I should know or do before start ?
Thanks for your advice Ducatisters
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Coat the inside with Caswell's to make it impervious to any fuel. This small step will ensure you happiness down the road. Don't over tighten pump flange bolts or gas cap bolts as you run the risk of cracking the area that holds the nuts in place. Pump mount surfaces can be slightly deformed so a thin bead of gasoline impervious silicone will help seal best. Put the sealant on, put the pump assembly in and tighten and then let sit for 24hrs to be sure the silicone is cured.

Cheers Paddy 👍🏻
No worries. I went through 2 carbon tanks before getting fed up and doing the inside coating. I was told it would withstand the ethanol blends we run in N.America but I'd get about 2yrs and they would start to leak. The last one I got the coating kit from Caswell's before even putting fuel in it and then sold it all. The fellow that bought it off me coated it and as far as I know is still using it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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