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Changed timing belt and shims

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This is my bike running after timing belt and shims change . I thought I would see if the experienced users could tell me if there are any weird sounds . Like loose belt or loud cams .
It's a 696 it's got 30,000 Ks .
Standard exhaust https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/16574168877/
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Actually, it sounds pretty good. I don't hear any whine and I don't hear any valve tick. The noises you're hearing are probably because you're listening too closely. Happens to me all the time after doing motor work, I'm always listening more carefully then I normally listen. You should hear how bad some of the engines I get in the shop sound, it would make you cringe and they're still running!!! You're engine sounds TIP TOP! :)
Yeah , the more I listened, the more noises I heard, first I thought I heard a kind of dry rubbing sound :conveyer:
then an irregular tap :blind: , I thought it was struggling for a second :rlwhore: ,then my boss thought he could hear a ping sound :shitfan: If I sat there long enough I could probably hallucinate a symphony :drummer: .:violin:

Thanks for setting me straight Tuned.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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