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An inexpensive luggage rack can be made from a tubular rack sold on eBay for $28.01 by motomart11:
eBay rack.jpg
I chose to add a Tusk top plate from a Yamaha XR250R, but that's not necessary. I also had already mounted an Acerbis universal rear fender with a BrightAssLight brake light. The attachment plates will have to be trimmed down to a width of 1-7/8" on each side and 3/8" holes drilled as shown:
Ducati rack dimensions 60%.jpg
The location of the holes should be close enough for some round file work to get a perfect fit. The threaded holes on the bike take standard 3/8" coarse threaded bolts. Yep, not metric. I used a 1-1/2" bolt at the rear. A stack of about 14 washers will position the rack to clear blinkers and frame stuff, and place the rack low enough to fit a bent plate to the front threaded hole. The first two washers that sit on the rack had to be trimmed to clear the weld that connects the rack tube to its as delivered attachment plate. The washer between the head of the bolt and the as delivered attachment plate had to be bent slightly to fit a ridge and trimmed to clear the weld. I used gold high strength bolts because I liked the color.
Rack mounted side.jpg
The attachment plates are 1/8"x1"x2-1/4" long, bent about 20 degrees, with 3/8" holes. Use a 3/4" long bolt to fasten the plate to the forward frame hole. With the rack mounted using the rear bolts only, the attachment plates can be installed and bent as needed to fit before drilling the rear hole. I used 5/16" diameter bolts to attach the rack and the attachment plates in their 3/8" holes to allow for some mismatch.
Attachment plate 70%.jpg
The final product after painting exposed metal:
Finished rack top view.jpg
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