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Chromed 1098s

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First pics of my chromed 1098s. more to come, like swingarm levers and other brackets and aluminium bits, some will be 24ct gold plated, will post more pics when done. By the way bike will still be ridden on the street as well as track. Can guarantee that.


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nice,like the gixer 2.hope they all have dark visors on that track day!
Very clean and very professional looking but not my style... No at all.

This bike is ......so sweet !

You will need body guard to ride with that.....lol
Nice chroming work. Chroming the clutch cover?
Are you going to get the rear axel nut and sprocket retainers annodised? I gather you have a girlfriend to polish it all - cos I just couldn't be bothered - you're obviously more dedicated than me!

Did you go out to Mallala for the superbikes on Sunday - the 1098 sounds awesome in race conditions. Under brakes it definately had an advantage.
Hmmm... I did picture the Ducati crowd really to be into chrome. Interesting...

I don't think you'll see too many, but if it rocks your boat...
Thanks for the positive comments guys good to see other people like chrome. If anyone needs stuff doing get in touch and will send you the details of where I have it done.

Like I said each to their own but everyones welcome to comment, opinions are what help each other to see if things are worthwhile doing. I like the bling look as well as the racing look. Should have the swingarm and clutch cover which is a cnc bllet slotted job back soon, same with the bars, clamps levers brackets. Even going as far as 24 caret gold bolts and mesh inserts. Will put up pics from the track when complete. Wont just be for showing they are definatley made for racing.

Missed Mallala as I had a show and shine at victor on the sunday, would have been good to see the duke racing. Where did it finish?
Will try to get a quick release hub/sprocket carrier and billet nut and for it, does anyone know where to get them from.
Yeah like I said, it looks very clean and I am not baggin’ on ya. It’s just not my style but hey, if everyone liked the same $hit, what fun would it be?

Make it your own, it’s your bike!

Jixxerboy! send some pix to Jordan racing! Michael has a few chromed out ducs that look VERY COOL!! He'll love to see i'm sure. Probably jordanracing.com. Must be some email info. there
I didn't think that the chrome approach would look good but I must say I like it. Looks good in the photos but I'd love to see it for myself.
What show in SA was that? I've been dying to hear a full 70mm system on a 1098 so I can convince myself to upgrade from my stock system.
Now you have to get rid of that clutch cover and find a nice pressure plate and crome it. Mabe you can find someone to manufacture a special one...you know a slider one so that it still looks like it's turning when it's not....like car mags!

That would be a hoot!
looks nice. Not sure id dig the heat issue with a chrome exhaust and once you ride it a while it will start to go yellow and purple on ya, but it does look nice. Another downside though is thats gotta add considerable weight. But please man i beg of you, dont start gold dipping stuff, its not a 64 impala.
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gixxerboy - I went to have a look at your gallery to see if you'd updated any pics, and you know funny how the most viewed pic was of your other "other ride" :naughty: . No need for chroming there!

BTW - the 1098 won the protwins and set a new lap record.
the rest of the goodies are coming, cnc billet basket, duanne you would know the one, mark had it in his shop, at the chromers now, getting a gold kukri pro pressure plate as i cant decide to get a slipper clutch atm. should be finished in about 2 weeks then will post some photos. Chroming does not add much weight, its a very thin coating if done right, Exhaust is only polished not chrome and the gold colour that it is now looks awesome.
I like the look. But would not get it myself due to trying to keep it clean. But I do really like it. Its bling bling :)

I'm looking at getting my wheels done in the same colour as the tricolour wheels. I really think it will bring out the looks on the 1098.
Who did the Wheels and what sort of price in South Oz ,i have a Black 1098S on order be here about March 08
I like it.
I kind of like bling :)
Also interested in knowing the $ and chromer... though Im thinking of gold for the 1098
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