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I'm hoping someone here has a front caliper they're looking to unload. I'm after a 40mm mount Right Hand side front caliper that would suit any of the below models.

If you have the master cylinder, that would be good too, let me know what you've got and what price you're after, plus any other details pics etc.

Wanting to mount onto a pair of Cagiva Mito forks.

1997Ducati916 R
1994-97Ducati916 Senna
1994-96Ducati916 SP
1997Ducati916 SPS
1995-99DucatiMonster 400
1993-99DucatiMonster 600
1999DucatiMonster 600 City
1998-99DucatiMonster 600 Dark
1999DucatiMonster 600 Dark City
1996-99DucatiMonster 750
1999DucatiMonster 750 City
1999DucatiMonster 750 Dark
1999DucatiMonster 750 Dark City
1993-99DucatiMonster 900
1999DucatiMonster 900 City
1998DucatiMonster 900 Cromo
1999DucatiMonster 900 Dark City
1998DucatiMonster 900 S
1993-97DucatiSupersport 400
1991-97DucatiSupersport 600
1991-97DucatiSupersport 750
1991-98DucatiSupersport 900
1998DucatiSupersport 900 FE
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