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Closest dealer to western NC

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My go-to dealer in Asheville, NC (Meyers Motorcycles) recently closed it's doors for good. Anyone in the WNC/ETN area have a recommended Ducati dealer/shop close by?
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Bloodworth in Nashville....stay away from Pandora in Chattanooga
Is Yorktown, VA way too far away from you - even if it saved you a TON off a new bike (if even in market) and have some of the very best Master Tech's in biz work on your current bike (what model do you have?)

Just checking to see if I am able to assist you on this thread Boosted? :)
Thanks y'all. I was hoping to hear of something near Knoxville but Charlotte will work. Unfortunately, Gunny, Yorktown is almost 7 hours away haha
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Have you checked out Touring Sports in Greenville SC?
Have you checked out Touring Sports in Greenville SC?
I have not. That will probably be the closest to me so I will give them a try. Thanks!
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