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Clutch Hubs

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Hi.Are all Ducati Dry Clutch inner hubs the same. I want to replace the one on my 2011 1198 with a non genuine one.But am unable to find one for the 1198 specifically. Plenty for the 748 916 series.
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From my experience they are all interchangeable, the only difference being the nut on the 1098 is a different arrangement.
I know this is not what your asking but from my research the baskets are the same unless it's a aftermarket 48 tooth.
Actually, the hubs are different between the older dry clutch bikes and the 1098/1198. Its only because they changed the screw. So yea, if your gonna buy a non-slipper hub, I'd just buy one for a 1098/1198 instead of risking it with one of the older ones. You can make the older ones work, but its not perfect.
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